Chapters are highly-committed groups of people who feel called to serve a community long-term. Chapter members live either with or close to one another and intentionally seek to create places of hospitality for those around them who are lonely or suffering. Blueprint’s chapters also hold daily or regular rhythms of prayer and hospitality, and seek to live transparently with one another through vulnerability and a willingness to speak openly and honestly.

Commitment to a chapter is a minimum of one year and chapter discernment happens each October/November. If you are a committed Blueprinter and are interested you can contact one of the groups below on the info provided.

Our current chapters are:

Homes of Hospitality

Cuba Street Chapter
(230A Cuba St)

A live-in community of seven people who hold open meals, daily evening prayer (6.15pm), and volunteer in a number of ways to befriend those on the margins in Central Wellington.

Lyall Bay Chapter

A live-in community of six people with a strong daily commitment to prayer, worship and the renewal of their community through service.

Community Projects

The Wellington Free Store
(corner of Willis + Ghuznee St)

A shipping container conversion which redistributes over 60,000 items of surplus food each year. Outside of their committed core this project needs daily volunteers.
Contact to talk about either.

The PETONE Depot
(Jackson St, Petone)

Through the leasing of a commercial space in central Petone this group runs weekly initiatives such as a pay-what-you-want kitchen, swap-meets and vege co-ops. All of this with the desire of making their community a better place to live in.