Welcome to Wellington

Blueprint meets right in the middle of our neighbourhood, at the bottom of Cuba Street. This is no accident. We think it’s a great thing for the church to be local, so that we don’t all just commute once a week to be together.

Wellington is the liberal heart of New Zealand. The seat of government; this is a political, social, cultural and academic hub - a melting pot of ideas. Our harsh and windy climate drives us inside to talk over coffee and write melancholic ballads of half-whispered falsetto over verbed-out guitars.

In May 2015 the Herald released a study on the state of faith in Aotearoa, naming Wellington the ‘Godless’ capital of New Zealand. Where we live people aren’t that excited about the Jesus, but they are excited about spirituality. They’re also excited about the things that happen when Christians truly live like Jesus – justice, compassion, grace and healing. They’re also excited about creative ways of expressing old ideas.

We love our neighbourhood so we want to see it be even better. That means we want our community to be more whole – spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. It means we want our neighbours to experience what God’s vision for the world is like (His Kingdom) and for them to know him too.

Our people have done this by opening cafes like these ones, solutions to urban poverty like this one, homes of hospitality like these ones, and being a positive influence on their places we work and study from hospitals to hostels.

As the liberal heartland of a secular western nation we believe that no other place is as poised as Wellington to work out creative ways of retelling the story of Jesus. As a pioneer church community we think we have a special role to play in reshaping faith for our city so that it might be reshaped beyond.